The apartment was completely renovated in 2018. Everything was created to give relax, fresh air and silence. When someone go into Nonna Delia have to think to sleep, to eat and "to breathe" the atmosphere: old houses, time that run slowly, vegetable gardens downstairs, the scent of grass, wood and leaves. The guest will have silence, quiet and empty streets, no rush hours based on trafic.


Nonna Delia is at the first floor of a building built in the XIX century, one of oldest of the village, inside the historical center. The fireplace, furniture, kitchen give at the house a particular impression: an attracitve place to pass an holiday.


The area is the oldest part of the village, where is possible to find the last church, that resisted at the Heartquake few years ago. Others are under renovation. Old houses, vegetable gardens, silence, everything bring the guest back to the past ages, where the life was better and more safe than now!