This is the renaissance itinerary of Rome! Passing through the narrow lanes of the historic centre, stepping on the sampietrini of Campo de' Fiori sends you into a time long ago. If you pass through the square where stands the staue of Giordano Bruno during the morning you can smell the air of the historic market stands; you can still see the ancient toilets on the balconies, as well as the courtyards and loggias that transform every corner into a piece of history of the Eternal City.
A short walk from Campo de' Fiori you will find Piazza Navona, a famous area where street artists magicians, painters and acrobats jostle for space. This is also the place to purchase a beautiful piece of street art. Legend has it that this square was once used as a naval battle re-enactment area, where it would be flooded to create the effect of a sea, but the truth, it appears, is that the concave shaped square would be flooded during the hot summer months, providing the Romans with great relief from the heat.
Within the square are two major monuments - the church Santa Agnese in Agone (constructed by Borromini) and the Quattro Fiumi Fountain (constructed by Bernini).
The major monuments to be found in the square are the church Santa Agnesein Agone (constructed by Borromini) and the Quattro Fiumi fountain (constructed by Bernini), the two artists constructed their works of art openly in relation to the other ones work, to the point that the front of the church has a statue of Sant' Agnese who has her hand on her chest with her gaze avoiding the fountain. While the fountain has the person who illustrates the Rio de la Plata extending his arm in a defensive position for the eventual collapse of the facade. Of interest, in the same fountain Nilo has his head covered in awe of the amazing beauty of the sculpture describing the untold origins of the African river.
From Piazza Navona, it is easy to reach Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican area, a location that has been the subject of thousands of pages and thousands of books the world over!